Thursday, December 19, 2013

Review: Star Trek: Into Darkness

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After forging their friendship in the first film, Captain James Kirk and First Officer Spock are back once more, risking their lives, saving planets, and rescuing innocent people from imminent destruction.  However, a danger is coming that will threaten not only their lives, but the lives of millions of other people as well- both friend and foe.  When lone terrorist John Harrison wages a one-man-war on the Federation, it is up to Kirk and his crew to hunt him down and bring him to justice.  But who is the real villain?  Is it indeed Harrison, or has he merely been used by traitors throughout the Federation?  Just who is Harrison, and what dark secrets does he hide?  Kirk and Spock must uncover the truth and stop the madness before it is too late.

I am of the general opinion that sequels are never as good as their predecessors.  But in a few cases I have (gladly) been proved wrong.  One case was Sherlock Holmes:  Game of Shadows.  Star Trek: Into Darkness is another example. It was amazing!
Once again, we 'Trekkies' are treated to many nods and references to the Original Series, as well as new twists on our classic characters.  The action sequences were great, though no sword fights this time.  And the story.... well, the story!  It was fantastic.
I know that a lot of people claim that the ending was completely plagiarized from Star Trek II:  The Wrath of Khan, but personally, I commend the writers for combining that ending with their own story.  It was pure writer's brilliance!
The actors were wonderful.  All of them were perfect for their parts once again.  Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison/Khan was incredible.  He was my favorite character in this one.  I thought that he added a really interesting dimension to this infamous Star Trek antagonist.

The cons:
There is some swearing issues, just as in the last one, though I don't remember it being too bad.  There was also quite a bit of violence.  Exploding buildings, laser-guns firing, etc.  But there was also some very savage fist-fights. Bloodied mouths and noses, repeated punches... at one point, a woman's leg is broken by an opponent, though it is not shown directly on screen.  At another point, one man kills another by hand in... a really gruesome way (also not shown on screen).
And then there were some skimpily clad women as well.  In one scene, which I thought was completely unnecessary, a character is seen in only her underthings.

Those things aside, the movie was excellent for an older audience.  Good for those fourteen and up.
I give it five stars.  :)

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(Hey!  I just realized... when I said 'The Cons:'  I could have said 'The KHANS!!!'  Get it?  Cons- Khans...?
Sorry.  Bad pun.  ;)


  1. I'm glad you liked it, Rayne! Good review, although I think the swearing was a little worse than you remember. :D

    1. You're probably right. I tend to bleep out the swear words in my mind.
      By the way, I'm hoping to get your tag up soon. I have one post that I need to do first, then I'll get to it. :D

    2. Oh, I understand. I'mnotice it more acutely than a lot of people seem to.

      I'm glad you chose to do it! :)