Thursday, March 26, 2015

My Artwork

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It's been a while since I did an art post, and I figured now was as good a time as any to share some of my artwork with you.  :D

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This is a dragon drawn during church many years ago.  It was one of the first dragons I drew that actually turned out looking nice.  I can't remember exactly what inspired this, but it was done in about an hour and a half.

 This drawing has an interesting story.  I was volunteering at Vacation Bible School at our church.  I wound up in the art section, helping small children cut out shapes and glue stuff together.  :)  One day, my group of kids had their project pretty well handled, so I got bored and started doodling on a paper towel.  A half-hour later, I finished this drawing of Legolas, looking sassy.  

 This is concept art for an animated musical that I will never write.  It was meant to be the story of Hades and Persephone, re-written to be a romantic story.  Instead of Hades abducting Persephone and forcing her to be his wife, they would be star-crossed lovers running away to escape the tyrannical hand of Demeter.  Hades and Zeus's relationship would be roughly similar to Thor and Loki's relationship, except that Hades would be a lot nicer than Loki.
This is Persephone during her first solo, and also during the scene where Hades first lays eyes on her.

 This is a poorly done self-portrait.  I can never get myself quite right.

 This is a fanfiction character I was developing for Slug Terra, a kid' TV show.  (Yes, I'm an adult and I still watch children's shows.  It's fun.)  I never did develop her fully, but this picture turned out pretty cool. :)

Fan art for Harry Potter (which I intend to review soon).   I figure this drawing would be during his fifth or sixth year.  I'm not sure which yet. 

This is a fanfiction character for the Harry Potter series.  Erida Locksley was a Ravenclaw a few years older than Harry, (around Fred and George's age) though she came to Hogwarts late.  She was born with the rare abilities of a Perceptor- that is, Wizards with the ability to absorb memories of other humans through eye-contact, and discern the nature of objects through touch.  Her adventures rarely corresponded with Harry's.  She mostly worked on her own as an agent of Dumbledore.  Most of her younger years were spent trying to keep her abilities a secret from the rest of the school for fear they would shun her.  
I've never actually written down any of her stories, and I'm not sure if I ever will.  Perhaps someday if I'm bored.  :)

Thor and Loki as teenagers, playing chess as Frigga looks on.  It was only after I finished this that I realized I'd drawn the chess board with one too many rows, so the board is uncommonly long.   I guess it must be some form of Asgardian Chess. *shrug*

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Hope you enjoyed it!  Let me know which one is your favorite.  :D

-Emmarayn Redding

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Flash Fiction: Ready

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Hey, readers!  This is a science fiction short story I've written for a Flash Fiction challenge hosted by Rachelle O'Neil.  In her flash fiction events, each participant gives a prompt to one other participant and receives a prompt from yet anther participant.  I was given the following prompt by Leanne.

Reality is a prison.  

This prompt was to be used anywhere in the story, as long as it was there.  The story was to be kept anywhere between 500 and 1000 words.  My original draft was 1,223 words long, but after some trimming, I managed to get it down to a precise 1000.  
Thanks to Leanne for the awesome prompt!  And thank you to Rachelle for hosting this fun event.
If any of you readers are interested in taking part in this event, check out Rachelle's blog in the link above!  It's open to anyone who wants.  :D

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Image result for dusty streets
Dust sweeps across the street in the dry wind, making my eyes sting. I lower my head and keep going, never breaking my stride. All around me, silent people go about their own business. I'm invisible to them. Not literally- they can see me as well as they can see themselves- but they turn a blind eye to me. No one wants to draw any attention to themselves by taking interest in someone else.  
That's the way things are. After the war, people sank deep into themselves, trying to escape this desolate ruin that has become our home. If you keep your head low, you can stay out of trouble. If you keep to yourself, there's no need to fear the wrath of A.R.G.E.N.T.
Living within their own minds gives them a sense of comfort. Reality is a prison, and by telling themselves that everything's okay, they feel free to live their own private lives and escape the ugliness of the world.
Despicable, yet it affords me a measure of safety; If no one's looking at me, then no one will to try and stop me.
I reach my destination. Casting a quick glance from side to side, I duck into a dark doorway and disappear into the building. It's cold inside, and the musty smell makes my nose itch. Reaching into my pocket, I pull out my handkerchief and cover my mouth and nose, taking comfort in its protection.
Jay mocks me for my weakness in that respect. But he's wrong. My physical weaknesses have made my mind stronger, which is why I've been chosen for this mission.
I descend a long, winding set of stairs until I am far beneath the city streets. When I reach the sewers, I stop and speak into the darkness.
“Stand down. It's Caravel.”
There is a shifting sound as the guns that were locked on me are lowered. Micah steps out and lifts his mask.
“Lilah,” he says, relieved, “You made it alright.”
I smile briefly. He never calls me by my code name unless we are with our superiors, or with Jay. I don't call him by his either; Viper sounds too mean.
“I'm fine,” I say. “Is everything ready?”
He nods. “This way.”
I follow him down the passage way, our boots sloshing through the filthy water. The other guards nod their respect as we pass. I lower my eyes. I know why they nod, but I'm not used the recognition.

Commander Falcon is waiting for us, and so is Jay- or Dead Eyes, as I should call him.
“Glad to see you safe, Caravel,” said Falcon. “We worried when we heard about the Truen incident.”
Dead-Eyes looks away and shifts uncomfortably. I'm not sure why, but I have no time to think about it.
“I had a close call, but I'm alright now,” I reply.
“You're sure you're not hurt?”
“Yes. I'll still be able to complete the mission,” I assure him.
Image result for sci-fi reclining chair Falcon nods, and beckons me over to a reclining chair. I sit down calmly and wait as the attendants attach all wires and tubes necessary to keep tabs on my health as I enter the Dream World.
Micah doesn't like this. For some reason it's easier for him to watch me risk my life in real combat than it is for me to go into the psycho-technic plane where this battle will be fought. Maybe it's because in combat I'd die quickly, but in the Dream World, it's my mind that will be destroyed.
I'm almost ready. I can see my physical and mental readings on the screens. Falcon, Micah, and Jay come to stand in front of me. I wish they'd sit down too.
“Remember, once you go under, there will be no coming back until the mission is complete,” says Falcon. “Remember the codes- your life and the fate of the mission will depend on it. Once you're able to hack A.R.G.E.N.T's midway firewalls, Dead Eyes will be able to come in after you, but until then you'll be on your own. Above all, you must reach the center of their defenses, and both of you will have to reach it together. The kill-code won't work unless each part is entered in sequence.”
I nod. “Yes, sir.” We've gone over this already, of course. With our psychs linked to the micro-technology, Jay and I will be able to infiltrate A.R.G.E.N.T's cyber network, where we will attempt to lower their firewalls, allowing us to shut down the shield generators from the inside. Once that's done, A.R.G.E.N.T will be defenseless, and our real-life troops will be able to take their city and free us from their control.
I look up at Jay, who's staring at me with his peculiar, pale eyes. In this light, they really do look dead. But now something stirs in them, and I don't know what it is.
Falcon smiles reassuringly and goes to oversee the attendants as they prepare to send me under. Micah watches, grimacing.
Jay hesitates, then leans down. He swallows. “Be careful in there,” he says, his tone flat, as always.
“You can count on me,” I say quietly.
“I know.” He straightens and becomes Dead Eyes once more. I swallow and take a deep breath, trying to still my nerves. This plan could save us all, or prove to be my undoing. Maybe both. Either way, I'm ready to face it. Maybe those people up there are right, and Reality is a prison- and by entering the Dream World, I can free us all.
“You ready?” Asks Falcon.
A light flashes, filling my vision. There's a wild, tingling sensation running down my spine, through my limbs, and my mind. I arch my back and gasp. I feel my mind drifting away, and the world melts away before my eyes. My breath slows, and my body relaxes. I know that I've entered the Dream World
If Reality's a prison, then I've escaped.
For now.

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(DISCLAIMER:  I do not own the pictures used in this post.  All credit goes to their rightful owners.)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Post 100: I am Emmarayn Redding

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Image result for emmarayn redding imagesHello, my dear readers!  We're here at my 100th post, at last!  As you can see in the title, my big announcement is my true identity.
For the past few years I've been writing under a pseudonym to protect my identity.  But now that I am eighteen, it's time to come out and show my true face.  

Some of you may already know me by this name.  If you're on a certain beloved forum.... then you've known me for years.  :D  
But if you know me purely from reading this blog, then let me introduce myself properly.
Image result for quest for the ivory swordI am the author of The Quest for the Ivory Sword, book one in the Warriors of Talminia Series.  I am also an illustrator, playwright, and a songwriter.   It's exciting:  now that you know who I really am, I can share my actual works with you, instead of just plain old fanfiction (which I will, of course, still write).  I love fanfiction and all, but I never feel I can give my full efforts to it, for fear I'll use up all my good ideas on someone else's story!  ;)

Speaking of writing stories, I am soon to release my newest book,  The Madman of Elkriahl, an original fairy tale novella.  The writing and illustrations are finished, and the book is now in the editing stage.  It's nearly ready.  As of yet I do not have a release date, but I do think it will be quite soon.  Check back here for updates and (soon!) excerpts.  XD

Image result for emmarayn redding images
My mother, Amy Redding.  Check out her blog HERE!
Writing is a big part of my life- but a bigger part of my life is my family.  My mother is a singer-songwriter, Amy Redding, and my father is a former music teacher, now a pastor.  I am the oldest of six siblings, and together we travel with our parents to do concerts in  churches and Gospel festivals.  It is my family's musical background that inspired me to write songs.  I play piano, penny whistle, alto saxophone, and guitar, though I usually only write songs for piano.  Music is something I enjoy very much, almost on the same level as writing.  :)  

After this, I will be changing my blogger name to my real name.  But don't worry- the same stuff will still be posted on this blog.  Rayne's Comedy Hour, Character Studies, Lessons to be Learned... all that has become traditional here.  But now, I'll have the great privilege of sharing my work with you.  I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I will.  

Don't forget to check out my new Facebook page!  You'll find more updates on upcoming books and CD's there as well as here.

Thanks for coming, guys!  I look forward to sharing with you in the future!  :D  You're the best!

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-Emmarayn Redding.... a.k.a, RAYNE SPERYLL