Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Awesome (or funny) Advertisements

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Whether you're watching television, surfing Youtube, or even browsing the internet, you're bound to see one thing;  advertisements.
Usually, they're incredibly annoying.  You're gearing up to see the climax of your favorite show, when all of a sudden it cuts to the commercials....  and they just go on and on FOREVER.  By the time they're finished airing, you're thinking that you might as well have watched another movie while you waited!  0_0
But every once in a while, there's an advertisement that's actually worth watching.  Whether it's for awesomeness, comedy, or even stunning intellectual content, these rare commercials are gems in the long and monotonous string of advertisements flashing before our eyes.

Here are a few of the best examples I've come across.  :D

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An ad for Jaguar cars, featuring *gasp*  BRITISH VILLAINS!  XD

An ad for Cartier jewelry:  Winter Tale series, featuring part of the main theme for Girl with a Pearl Earring (film)

And yet another one, this time featuring the song Ice Dance, by Danny Elfman, from the movie Edward Scissorhands

And this hamburger commercial takes an interesting turn...

And now for some Allstate commercials:
(WARNING:  some people might find this... disturbing.  But hilarious.  ;)

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And that's all for now, my readers.  I hope you enjoyed it!

-Rayne Speryll

(DISCLAIMER:  I do not own these advertisements, nor their content, nor the companies.  All credit goes to their owners.)


  1. I commented earlier, but it doesn't seem to have gone through. I was having computer issues that day, so maybe that's it.

    The last two commercials are creepy. Really creepy. But the first one is awesome. Is that Loki in it? Because one of the villains looks like Loki, but he's Asgardian, not British . . .

    1. Yes, one of the villains is Loki, or Tom Hiddleston, as his real name is. He's become very well known for being that villain, so I can only assume that was why he was included in the British Villains list. :)

      I know, those last two are creepy... but hilarious, in an odd way. XD My favorite is the villains ad, by far.

    2. I thought so! And I suppose that must be it.