Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Dancing in the Kitchen

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Every afternoon, my sisters and I wash the dishes and straighten up the kitchen.  And when we do, we like to listen to music.  All three of us are the best of friends, so we laugh and joke and visit while we listen to music and clean.  Doing all of these things at the same time... sometimes takes a while.  So maybe cleaning the kitchen takes longer than it has to, but at least we have fun!

Anyway, this video reminds me of myself, and my sisters, while work.  Can any of you identify with this?  XD

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-Rayne Speryll


  1. Hi!
    I am your flash fiction buddy and SUCH a slowpoke! Sorry!
    You have a 1000 word limit. Your prompt is this scenario: The elevator in your apartment shuts down on the way to the fourth floor, with you and five other people in it. Write this scene and the dialogue between characters
    I'm not sure if we're supposed to have deadlines...but let's shoot for a week from now. Sound good?
    Have fun!

    1. Don't worry about being a slowpoke! :) Thanks for the prompt!
      Did you get my prompt? I left it in the comments of your post "Is It Well?". I hope it's not too hard.

      By the way, I'm still new with this flashfiction deal, but I think that you're also supposed to give a prompt to Rcubed, the link to who's blog you can find in Bluebelle's last post at the Inkloft. Check to make sure, but I'm pretty sure that's how it works. :)

      In the mean time, it looks like I have some writing to do!

  2. Oh no! I will make haste to fix the problem I have created.
    Thank you for being so gracious!