Friday, June 27, 2014


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Over the next several weeks, I will be traveling to various camps for the summer.  I'll be extremely busy until August, so it is unlikely that I will post very much during these next few weeks.  If I do get the chance, I will do so happily, considering that I still have a Liebster Award to answer.  In the mean time,  I prestent to you... AN EPIC vs. MATCH!!!

In a battle of wits, skill, and strength, who would win:  Loki, or Khan?

These two are pretty equally matched;  both are masterminds, plotting several moves ahead of their enemies;  both are inhumanly strong;  both are cold and determined, calloused and calculating.  They have a sense of dramatics and flare.  One possesses a mischievous wit, the other, ferocious savagery.  Yet they both share the same desperate drive that feeds all of their actions and emotion.

And they both have a shockingly large fanbase... mostly consisting of lovestruck young girls.

(I'm not one of them.)

((Just thought I'd make that clear.))


SO!  The question now is, if put to the test, which would emerge victorious?  Remember, this is not necessarily just a battle of strength, but also of skill and wit.  Who will triumph?  Who will fail?
The result, my readers... is up to you!
I will put up a poll, located on my gadget bar on the right-hand side of my blog.  Make your vote, and make sure to leave your thoughts and discussions in the comments!
Have fun!  :)  I can't wait to hear your answers.

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-Rayne Speryll

P.S.   If you wantt to know what I think would happen... here you go.

(DISCLAIMER:  I do not own the images in this post, nor did I create them.  All credit goes to the owners and makers.)


  1. I rather agree with you that they'd probably team up. But if they didn't, it would either be a tie or Loki would win.

    1. I'm still not sure who would win in an all-out fight. They're so equally matched! Though Khan did manage to destroy half of London by himself, where as Loki had to use an army to crush New York. Still, I think that it would be a close fight. Most likely at tie. :)

  2. I'm cheering for Cumberbatch! X-P