Sunday, September 20, 2015

Updates on The Madman of Elkriahl

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The manuscript for The Madman of Elkriahl (and Other Fairy Tales), ready to be sent off for copyrighting.  On the right is an illustration from the title story.

Hello, fair readers!  Fear not, Goat Trek: Episode II is up next.  :D  But before that, I wanted to give you an update on the progress of my next book, The Madman of Elkriahl.  
Since the post where I first introduced the story, I have made the decision to include three shorter fairy tales I've written in the final publication.  The new titles are...

The Fairy King

Dilmond Garp and the Wibberwon Gamby


I've always loved fairy tales, but I became fascinated with them about three years ago, when I came to appreciate them on a more mature level.  I can't quite explain what it is about these short simple stories that has captured my attention, other than the fact that they are anything but simple.  There is something so interesting and thrilling underneath the surface, a kind of art that I have only recently come to understand.  
Many fairy tales are dark and mysterious, some are frightening and horrible, and others are surprisingly romantic and thoughtful.  I wanted to create my own stories with that same classical feel- and the stories presented here are my best effort at exactly that.  

Though I can't release any excerpts yet, I have included some of the illustrations to give you feel for the book.  Enjoy!
From  The Fairy King, colored pencil

From Stoneheart, watercolor

There you have it.  There is much more to see- so make sure to check for updates in the future.  I'm hoping to have this published soon, though as of yet I have no release date.  Prayer is appreciated, as God's help is crucial in this project.  :D   Thanks so much for your support!

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-Emmarayn Redding


  1. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm interested about "Dilmond Garp and the Wibberwon Gamby". Is there a picture or snippet of it that you will share? Please?

    1. In time, ol' chap, in time. ;D Once it's been sent off for copyrighting, I'm going to share a few snippets here and there.
      That story has been my siblings' favorite so far.

  2. This looks good!! :D And also, I tagger you in a little blog award thingy if you like to do stuff like that. :)