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Harry Potter Fanfiction: "My Name"

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It's been a while since I read the Harry Potter series, but the story is still fresh in my mind.  Indeed, the end left a great many possibilities swirling around in my head- so what was I to do but write a quick fanfiction?
I've also included some fan art I've done- it's not really an illustration for this story, but's it's got a few moments from it included.  

This oneshot takes place after the main story ends, but just before the last scene in the book.  Thus, there be spoilers here- but only about whether certain characters in the series live or die.  Now you have your fair warning, and I can now give you....

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Is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy

I apologize for the low quality- I had to take a photo,
Instead of scanning it in as I usually would.
Scorpius gazed out the window of the family cariage, filled with a million thoughts and feelings regarding the building that lay just ahead:  that is, King's Cross Station.  Really, it wasn't just King's Cross Station he was thinking about, it was everything it stood for.  Beginnings, journeys, mystery, and most of all- Hogwarts. 
Scorpius heaved a deep sigh, trying to still his shuddering body and ease the apprehension in his chest.
Looking up to see his father staring at him with his cool, piercing gaze, Scorpius snapped to attention and sat up.
Seeing his apparent alarm, Draco softened his eyes just slightly.  
"Yes, Father?"  Scorpious said expectantly.
Draco tapped his fingers on a book he had been reading.  Taking a deep breath, he looked down before starting. 
"I want you to be careful,"  he said slowly.  "On this train, at Hogwarts, everywhere really."
He paused.  Scorpius waited.  
"It is likely that you will experience some amount of... difficulty... as you enter society on your own now."
Scorpius looked down, swallowing and fiddling with his shirt cuffs.
"You will be navigating a very difficult position in life,"  Draco continued.  "Because you are my son, you will have many enemies.  On one side, you are the son of a Death eater, a servant of Voldemort, and worst of all, a murderer and a torturer.  On the other side, the descendants of my former friends will consider you the son of a blood traitor and a coward."
"Yes, Father," Scorpius murmured.  "But..."  he hesitated.
"All those things... I know they're true, but.."  Scorpius sighed.  "That can't be the whole story, can it?"
Draco looked at him once again with that piercing gaze.  "It is."
Scorpius nodded, feeling his heart sink.
"But, whatever you do, I don't want you to be afraid,"  Draco said after a moment, tearing his gaze away from his son.  
Scorpius looked up, his eyes wide.  
"Don't be afraid,"  Draco repeated, "and don't give in.  Never let them make you ashamed of something you didn't do.  It's not a crime to be a Malfoy.  You can be proud of the name,and you can give us something to be proud of too.  Remember that."
"I'll try, Father."
"I know you will."
Draco leaned forward across the seats and put a gloved hand under Scorpius's chin.  "And remember that I- that you are are not alone.  Do you understand?"
Scorpius nodded, feeling his traitorous eyes fill with tears.  Shutting them tightly, he threw his arms around his father and hugged him with all his might.
Draco responded immediately, wrapping one arm  firmly around his son, and lifting the other hand up to stroke his hair.
"I love you, Dad,"  Scorpius whispered.
Draco smiled.  "Are you sure?"
Scorpius snorted, grateful for the distraction from his tears.  "Pretty sure.
"Good,"  Draco said, sitting back.  "I was worried."
Scorpius shook his ehad, looking out the window with a smile pulling at his mouth.  "Oh, Dad..."
"I love you too, Scorpius," his father returned quietly.
Scorpius dried his eyes.

After a moment, the carriage stopped, and Scorpius stretched his back.   Draco straightened his collar and adjusted his hair.
"Wake your mother, we're here."  
Draco stood and stepped out of the carriage.  Scorpius could see him putting on his "public face", cold and austere. Scorpius sighted.
Crossing the carriage, he stooped over the pale, sleeping form of his mother.  She stirred, and he kissed her lightly on the forehead.  
"Mother, it's time to wake up.  We've reached the station."
Astoria's eyes fluttered, and she gave her son a tired smile.  "So soon?"  she murmured.
Slowly, with Scorpius's help, she lifted herself to her feet and leaned out of the carriage, placing her hand in Draco's waiting grasp.  Her foot slipped on the step, and Scorpius gasped.  But Draco caught hold of her arm and swept her onto solid ground in the blink of an eye.
"Would you rather wait here?"  he asked under his breath.
Astoria shook her head.  "No,"  she said faintly,  "I want to see him off."  
She smiled at Scorpius.  "I'm fine, really.  Just dizzy today.  Come on, we'll miss the train!"
Scorpius smiled up at her and picked up his bags.  His falcon, Oberon, shifted restlessly in his cage.
"Shush, Oberon- someone will hear you!"  he whispered, casting a glance about and meeting his father's eyes.  
"Come along, now,"  he muttered to the bird,  "or like Mother says, we'll be late."
Balancing the cage carefully alongside his carpet bag, Scorpius set off toward Platform 9 3/4, his parents trailing close behind.
"Get ready, Hogwarts... Another Malfoy is coming your way!"

*  *  *

-Emmarayn Redding

(DISCLAIMER:  I have no claim on the rights for Harry Potter.  All credit for the creation of this world and story go to the proper parties.)

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