Sunday, February 14, 2016

Wishes (Valentine's Day Poems)

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* * *

Will you be my valentine?
Trust me,
I'm not trying to whine
but if you'll be my valentine
I promise I'll be thine

Would you take me out to dine
I don't
need the top of the line
I don't need champagne or wine
A milkshake will be fine

Chocolates and strawberries
as sweet as they may be
fail to say how very much
you've come to mean to me

* * *

My dearest, true love
my greatest sorrow is I
haven't met you yet

* * *
To my husband-

Gazing t'ward the distance
I often think of you
I see your smile, hear your voice
and dream of what you do

I wonder what you're thinking of
what is it that you feel?
Sometimes when I envision you
it seems so very real

And yet I know inside
it's just a fairy-dream
For how can one envision some-
-one they have never seen?

Yes, all my fancies are but fun
just girlish whims you see-
but God already knows you well
And He'll lead you to me

So when I kneel to pray
this night to God above
I ask that He will bless us soon
my darling future love

-Your wife

*   *   *

Emmarayn Redding

(All poems property of Emmarayn Redding.  Image taken from the public domain)


  1. Wow, beautiful! Milkshakes for the win ;)

    1. Thanks! I do love milkshakes... especially the oreo ones. XD

  2. Very nice poetry! All the verses flowed musically. :) I enjoyed them very much.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you liked them. It's funny that you should mention that they flow musically- I actually wrote the first one intending for it to be a song. :D