Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Questions and Answers Tag!

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I've been nominated by Lover Of Lembas (or Nimrodel, as we call her,) for the Questions and Answers tag! Thanks, Nimrodel!

For this tag, I must...

-Tag the person who nominated me
-Answer ten questions
-Tag ten people
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Do you play a sport?  Is there a sport you want to learn?

No, I do not, and no... I don't really want to learn a sport.  Unless fencing counts!  I would actually love to learn fencing or other swordplay.

Image result for fencing inigo montoya

Sunrise or sunset?  Why?

Sunset.  I love to go out on cool nights and watch the sunset over the west hills.  Sometimes I bring my penny whistle and play a few tunes before going back home.

What was your dream job as a little kid?

There were quite a few.  I wanted to be an artist, an astronaut, a nurse, a spy, a librarian, and an author.  I picked the last two.  :)

Image result for library shelves public domain image
This is not actually the library where I work though...  ;)

What was the last movie you watched you really liked?

The Patriot!  Awesome movie.  Very violent, but a great story, and fantastically executed.

Image result for the patriot

What songs are stuck in your head?

What is something that makes you feel nostalgic?

Burnt peanut butter toast, the smell of old books, and the Chronicles of Narnia, to name a few.

If you were granted an extra hour to be added to your day (so you have 25 hours) what would you spend the hour doing?

Depends on my mood.  I might read, I might write, I might sleep, or I might waste it on the internet.

What is one of the most embarrassing moments you're willing to share?

I was home-schooled all my life, but I also took various classes at public school during my older years, including music, which my dad taught.
One time at the end of choir class, we were all supposed to put our folders back in their shelves, so all the students crowded around the shelves to do so.  I was walking directly behind my friend, who is significantly shorter than me.   Suddenly, she stopped in front of me, and I was walking too fast to stop.  I ran into her, doubled over, staggered to catch myself, tripped on the steps up to the shelves, staggered again, and promptly crashed into every guy left in the line trying to catch myself.

Several of them were cute.

And none of them tried to help me.

I laughed it off and put my folder away, and said nothing of the fact that it was totally my friend's fault.  Totally.

If you could customize your car license plate (for most U.S. readers, that means pick any combination of 5-7 words and letters) what would you want your license plate to say?


Rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, or the ocean?

Rivers.  :)

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Now for 10 questions of my own....

1.  What do you like best about the place where you grew up?

2.  What elements do you think were most influential in making you the person you are today?

3.  What fictional character do you identify with most?

4.  Would you call yourself an introvert or an extrovert?  Or possibly an ambivert?

5.  If you could be masterful in one skill, what would you want it to be?

6.  IF you were to be born in  a different time period, which period would you prefer?

7.  Where do you feel most free and happy?

8.  Do you dream of romance, whether present or future?

9.  And speaking of dreaming, what about your literal dreams?  Do you remember you dreams at night?  And if so, what do you usually dream about?  ( If this makes you uncomfortable, don't worry about it.  ;)

10.  If you were going to go down in history, what would it be for?

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And now I must nominate...

....ten people....


Honestly, I'm scared that I've nominated people way to often for tags, so I'll do it this way.  If you're reading this, even if you're not technically subscribed to this blog, consider yourself tagged.  If you want to do this tag, awesome!  If not, no guilt.  :)  Link back here when and if you've done the tag, and I'll visit your blog to read your answers!  I look forward to hearing from you!

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-Emmarayn Redding

(DISCLAIMER:  Images taken from the public domain.  Except for the one of Inigo Montoya, which is taken from the Princess Bride.)


  1. Awesome answers! Love the license plate, and I would LOVE to be a librarian XD
    That embarrassing story is so awesome--I can totally relate. I am so awkward ^_^

    1. Thanks! :D Being a librarian is pretty fun. It's not exciting, but it is interesting.

      And yeah... I've had quite a few clumsy moments. XD

  2. I loved your answers! Curious question: how hard is the pennywhistle to play? Also, how annoying is it to other people when you're just starting out and you're still bad at it? I'm thinking of taking up the pennywhistle, but I'm not sure. :P

    Also, your library is very, very awesome. Just sayin'.

    1. Glad you liked them! The pennywhistle has varying degrees of diffculty in my opinion. When you're just starting out, I would do it on a C or a D. They're pretty easy to play. It will take you a bit to discover the right amount of air power to get the right tone. but that should come pretty quickly. Once you get into the high octave though (just blow a little harder) it can get pretty shrill. Every mistake shows up like a sore thumb, and it can be grating on the ears. When I was learning I took myself outside to a windless area and practiced there. Closed spaces make the shrill tone harder to bear.
      But once you've gotten used to how it sounds and can play it with confidence, it's much better. Don't be afraid of the volume, sometimes it's necessary to achieve the proper tone.
      The part I'm struggling with now is learning how to play the quicker notes, such as would be required to play "Congress Reel", for instance. I'm pretty good with slow, pretty tunes, and I can do trills and decorative musical gymnastics pretty well, but I need to learn how to go faster. So far that's proved to be pretty tough.

    2. Thanks for answering. It sounds like I might want to wait on learning until I can find an outdoor place away from people in which to practice . . . which means I might be waiting for a while. :P I'll definitely keep your advice in mind! Thanks again!