Saturday, May 13, 2017

A Peek Into My World

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I've always loved those blog posts where you get to see pictures from the  blogger's room- it gives you a little taste of what their life is like.  I've never done it with mine, but recently I was taking some pictures of my room anyways (in case I get homesick while I'm counseling at Trails End Ranch), so I figured since Blogger has finally let me start posting pictures again, I'd give you all a tour.  :D

To start off with, here's a view of the whole room, myself included.  (It was so hard to get this picture... you can't see it, but I'm standing on my tiptoes with my arm fully extended while balancing this computer.)
My bed and vanity.  

My writing chair and a partial view of my book shelf.

The rest of my "bookshelf".  Most of it is just books stacked on top of other, stronger books.  It's pretty pathetic.  I don't even have all my books out right now- a lot of them are either under my bed or on other shelves throughout the house.  :(   Eventually I want to build one long shelf all around the top walls of my room, but that probably won't happen before I leave this summer.

My dresser top.  The ducks are temporary.  Eventually I will paint them and give them back to my grandma for her garden.  :)

My leatherbound study Bible.  It's difficult to see with this quality of picture, but there's a Celtic knot impressed on the cover.

And then there's this little guy.  He doesn't really match anything in the room, but he'd been hanging in one of the upstairs bedrooms for almost twenty years when we decided to renovate it.  The poor little puppet ended up homeless due to the new decorations, so I hung him up in my room until we could find a different place for him.  Now I've grown kind of attached, so here he will stay.  :)

And now, just for fun, here's a few pictures of my new Lord of the Rings set!  My old set was completely falling apart after much use (even before I owned them).  The final straw came when my brother Elias read them and the pages just came falling out, through no fault of his.  (He's very careful with books). I decided it was time to treat myself to a newer and more sturdy set of books, so here we are- a faux leather bound box set that includes the Hobbit!  :D

pictured here is a little book mark I made to go with the set.  Eventually I want to make one for each book, including the Silmarillion and the Children of Hurin.

*  *  *

Well, there you have it!  I hope you enjoyed this tour of my room.  I apologize for the blurry quality of these images- Blogger decided to be weird after all and would only let me put in the pictures if I copy-pastedd them from the upload photos window, so they ended up being in a much lower quality.  :(  Oh well, someday I'll figure this out.

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-Emmarayn Reddiing


  1. Your room looks very cozy. And your new LOTR set is beautiful!

  2. Woah, that is a really awesome LOTR set! I love your vanity too :)