Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sir Inspiration: A Writer's Best Friend

*  *  *

Her chest heaving, Rayne took a step back and raised her sword in triumph.  On the ground, the once-formidable shadow known as Darth Writer's Block scrambled away, completely exhausted.
Narrowing her eyes, she pointed the sword at his neck.  "Begone, Darth.  You've lost today."
Writer's block lifted his hands slowly, acknowledging his defeat.  "Very well, Rayne.  But you know this isn't forever.  I'll be back again soon, bringing my brother Procrastination with me.  You can never be rid of us for good!"
Rayne gave a tired, but confident smile.  "You may speak true, but I know that as long as I trust in my Savior, Jesus, He will provide a way out.  It is by His strength that I have defeated you today, and by His strength that I will continue to write.  Now GO!"
The shadow rose, and melted into the shade of a tree.  A gust of wind blew past, taking him far away- Rayne knew not where.  
"Good riddance."  she muttered.  She turned back to survey the damage their fight had caused.  Their dual had ranged all over- starting in her room, then moving through the house, and finally ending outside underneath the large ash tree in her expansive back yard.  Once she had begun fighting for herself, she had known immediately that she had the strength of her Savior behind her.  It had been long and hard, and victory had not come instantaneously.  She'd had to struggle, clawing her way out of the dark shadows Writer's Block and Procrastination had kept her in.  But now, thankfully, it was all over.  Now she was free to write to her heart's content.
The sound of solo clapping drew her attention to the branches above her head.  Looking up, she spotted the lean figure of her close friend, Sir Inspiration.
"Inspire!"  she exclaimed, calling him by her favorite nickname.  "You came!"
Smiling, the young knight nodded and jumped down from the tree, extending his hand in friendship.  "Of course I did.  You know I always do."
Rayne clasped his hand, shaking it firmly.  "Yes, but I confess that I did begin to doubt."
"I know, I saw."  Inspiration said.  "Actually, I had arrived about a day ago.  But I couldn't help you because his hold was too strong.  You had sunken so far into yourself that I couldn't have reached you even though I wanted to."
Rayne hung her head.  "It's true.  I had given in to my own procrastination as well as Darth Writer's Block's influence.  I'm sorry."
Inspiration put his hand on her shoulder and cupped her chin in his hand.  "Now, little one, don't worry.  It's over now.  You've done it."
"Thank you."  Rayne said, smiling.  "Thank you for understanding."
Inspiration nodded, then drew something out from his cloak.  "Here.  I think you forgot something!"
It was her computer and writing chip.  Rayne's face lit up.  "Now?"
"Why not?  You've spent enough time in the dark.  It's time to get some writing done!"
Together, they went off, and wrote until the sun went down.


*  *  *

I wrote 2,686 words yesterday.  That is all I have to say.  XD

-Rayne Speryll

(Disclaimer:  I do not own the image used in this post.  Image belongs to artist Michael Komarck. :)


  1. That was awesome! (I assume this is the second part of the story you posted on "Darth Writer's Block: A Writer's Worst Enemy"?)

    1. Yes, it is. :) I kind of skipped the actual dual... but yes, it is the continuation.

  2. Coolness! The dark fingers of Writer's Block are reaching for me, but I will not allow them to! Thanks for the awesome post. ;)

  3. Cool idea for a post, Rayne! Love it.

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! I'm glad you like it. Welcome to the site, by the way!