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Back-to-Back Book Review: Hero | Glint

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Hello, my readers!  Greetings to you.  :)  Today I will be reviewing two books, both of which were very, very good.  
First, we start of with Hero, by Mike Lupica.

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By Mark Lupica

Zach Harriman has always thought of his father as a hero.  As personal adviser to the President of the United States, Tom Harriman is known throughout the country as the Troubleshooter.  His missions take him all over the world, often engaging him in 'dangerous diplomatics'.  Little did Zack know how dangerous his father's job really was.  
When his father suddenly dies in a plane crash, Zach finds out all too late that his father was no ordinary man- he was superhuman.  Now his powers have been passed down to Zach, and the young fourteen-year-old in thrown into a world he never knew existed.  The men who killed his father now want him very much alive, and it is up to Zach, and Zach alone, to find out why.

This book was exciting from the very beginning.  And, as soon as it draws you in, you'd better hang on for dear life; because if you don't, the Bads just might catch you!  
Filled with a perfect mix of action, intrique, and character development, this book is fast-paced and easy to read.  It keeps you guessing  as to who the bad guy is to the very end.  Even I was surprised!  
There were one or two instances where the Lord's name was taken in vain, but that was all.  Other than that, it is a very good book that maintains its innocence while keeping the plot exciting.  William Goldman, the author of The Princess Bride  praises it highly!  :)  
This book definitely gets my approval and recommendation.  A must-read for any superhero fan!

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By Ann Coburn

This exciting book details two parallel stories.  On one end is a fifteen-year-old girl named Ellie, who's younger brother mysteriously disappears- and she may be the only one who can find him.  As the police work in their own way, Ellie sets out an a quest of her own, spiraling through the depths of her home town in a desperate attempt to find her brother.
Meanwhile, in another world, and another time,  a young girl named Argent sets out to rescue a kidnapped baby dragon before it's too late.  In order to do so, she much trek across the dangerous terrain alone, and find out who the real enemy is.  If she fails, not only is the dragon's life at stake, but her own future.

This book was riveting, even though I know that phrase is rather cliche.  However, no other term could describe it so accurately.  It was a true page-turner.  For hours, I sat huddled on the couch, my heart beating like a drum.  The story had so many twists and turns... literally, a spiraling plot.  It was filled with suspense and mystery all the way through.  Argent's story is a great fantasy story, and Ellie's a fantastic modern mystery.  My particular favorite one, to my surprise, was the modern one.  Usually I favor medieval fantasy to the real world, but in this case it was different.  Ellie's story was fascinating.  And, like in Hero, it keeps you guessing at who is friend, and who is foe.  And the ending!  Oh... the ending.  It was incredible.

This book is a little more mature than Hero.  At the moment, I don't remember any swear words, but there are some rather intense parts.  Ellie travels through the depths of her city, and encounters many people brought low by life- including druggies (not directly), immigrants, thugs, the homeless, and the mentally challenged.  There is one scene where a character references different types of drugs, but it is only in warning of what may happen if those drugs are used.
A bit of light romance is mentioned, but it never happens on-screen.  Just a warning to any who are opposed to such things.
I recommend this book for anyone who loves mystery and suspense of any kind.  In fact, I more than recommend it.  Find it.  Read it.  ;)

-Rayne Speryll

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