Monday, July 8, 2013

Updating and Artwork

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Salutations, my readers!  :)  I had hoped to have some of my own artwork scanned today, but alas, I am to busy.  I had been intending to show you some illustrations for some of my fanfiction characters that I've explored here.  However, since I cannot, I have decided to share some other artwork with you.

The following images I found on DeviantArt, and would like to thank the talented artists who created them.  :)  The pictures are so beautiful that I had to share them with you.  Let me know what you think!

*  *  *

From "The Guardians"  This is an image of Pitch and his daughter, whom I (and many others) call Seraphina.  It's so cute and warm, despite the dark colors used.  Now I can totally see The Guardians series as an anime show.  :D

This one is done by the same artist, and is based on an illustration by William Joyce from the books.

Now here are some cute ones of Thor and Loki as children, along with their mother.  :)  Alas... that this sweet innocence did not last...

*  *  *

That's all for now.  Unfortunately, I don't know the artists who did these last few.  Nor do I have more time to find more art.  

Until next time!

-Rayne Speryll

(Images used are by artists Roseandthorn from DeviantArt, and various others I do not know.)


  1. Those are pretty good! I think my favorite images are the second one based on the Guardian series, and the first one with Loki and Thor.

    Thanks for sharing, Elethia!

    1. Yeah, that first one of Loki and Thor was really cute. I love kittens. :D

      I'm glad you liked them!