Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Nostalgia Attack!! (The Teletubbies)

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Have you ever seen or heard something that suddenly and inexplicably sent you years back into the past?  It's such a strange- but fun- sensation.  And this is exactly what happened to my sisters and I yesterday (especially me).  
Having been snapping beans all day, and being bored out of our wits, we were trying to think of yet another movie to watch.  Now, I don't even remember what brought it up, but on a whim I decided to look up Teletubbies on Youtube.  And suddenly, as soon as I heard the first giggles of that cute Baby Sun, I was sucked back into the depths of my childhood... between three and four years of age.

Now, many of these memories were about the show itself, but most of them were just about that particular time in my life.  I suddenly found that I could remember thoughts and feelings I had had, games I used to play, and things I used to do.  The simple, innocent, and highly imaginative mind of a four-year-old-me came rushing back, leaving me smiling and giggling right along with my younger siblings.  
Ah... those were good days.  Tubbiecustard, Tubbietoast, the cute, but slightly-antagonistic Noo-Noo.... and me, sitting quietly outside, waiting for a bunny to hop by.  XD  And those Teletubbies... they're actually really cute.  Eh-Oh!
It was so strange how everything just came flying back to me.  The same thing was happening to my sisters, but to a slightly lesser extent.  

But THAT wasn't the end of it!  As the Teletubbies entered their hovel in the ground, it suddenly struck both Aarathyn and I at the same time--  The Teletubbie Home looks like a TARDIS!

To prove my point, take a look at this.

Interior of Teletubbies' Home
TARDIS Interior

Now if that doesn't look like a TARDIS, I don't know what does.  ;D   Of course, it looks much more like something off of the Old version of Doctor Who than the new version, which is pictured here.

And then, suddenly, Noo-Noo rolled on stage.  As I was looking at him, I started thinking that he looked a lot like something you'd see on Doctor Who as well.  
Here he is...

SEE??  The coincidence is so uncanny.
But then again, both Doctor Who and Teletubbies are British shows aired on BBC.  :)

Well, moving on, my sisters and I kept watching the show.  And then suddenly, it hit me!  The Narrator... he sounds relatively young, and demonstrates a much higher level of intelligence than the Teletubbies.  He also seems to have some sort of control over those weird voice trumpets that pop up from the ground, like so-

Which also look like they're from Doctor Who.  And then it occured to me... what if the narrator is... THE DOCTOR??  And he's there in Teletubbieland trying to help the innocent life forms survive and flourish in their simple world?  It would make so much sense, wouldn't it?




Well, if you're not a Doctor Who fan, I lost you back at the word TARDIS, and for that, I'm sorry.  :)  But if you are a Doctor Who fan, I've probably got your attention.  XD  Either way, you've now heard my tremendous conspiracy theory about the Teletubbies and Doctor Who.  I'm sorry if I've weirded you out by this whole post, but I just had to share.  It was hilarious.

That's all I have to say for today! Tell me what you think in the comments!  And please... don't run away.  I promise I'll be more grounded in reality next time.  ;)

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-Rayne  Speryll


  1. I haven't watched Teletubbies (my parents never let me, for whatever reason) or Doctor Who, so by all rights, you should've lost me at the beginning of the post. However, I know enough about Doctor Who that I had a decent idea what you were talking about in the second part. And your theory does sound eerily logical, from what I can tell.

    I do know what you mean about the oddest things bringing back all kinds of memories.

    1. I understand that there was quite a bit of controversy over one of the characters, Tinky Winky. Some people thought that he was an improper role model for young children because of certain elements of his personality. My parents and I never saw anything wrong with him though. :)
      It was completely innocent. :)

      And thank you for your compliments on my logic! :D I thought it made sense too.

    2. Ah, interesting. I never found out exactly why they wouldn't let me watch it (by the time I thought to wonder, I'd stopped watching TV altogether), but I suppose that was probably it.

      You're welcome!