Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Review: Thor; The Dark World

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After months (and luckily, for me, it was only months) of waiting, I have finally seen Thor; The Dark World !
After the Spider Man Trilogy, Thor was one of the first marvel movies I saw.  It was there that I met the two great brothers, Thor and Loki, and became acquainted with their infamous rivalry.  Ever since then, I've been waiting for the continuation of their story.
The Dark World did not disappoint.  :D

When an ancient evil older than the universe itself rises once again, all the Nine Realms are threatened to be plunged into eternal darkness.  Malekith, the leader of the Dark Elves, will stop at nothing to avenge the deaths of his people and eradicate the terrible plague we call Light from the universe.
With time running out, Thor is forced to ally himself with Loki in order to stop the destruction.  Together with his former brother, and Jane, his sweetheart from earth, the trio heads into the darkest parts of the Nine Realms, where Thor will be forced to sacrifice everything to save us all.

This movie was filled with exciting action sequences, hilarious dialogue, plain old comedy, and devastating tragedy.  I was very happy with it, and it was great to see Thor and Loki working together again, even if their alliance was somewhat uneasy.
Jane is back again also, and this time she gets much more action.  She's actually quite crucial to the story.  I was glad to see both her and Darcy with bigger roles this time around.  
There were also several twists and turns that surprised even me.  I was glad for that; it keeps me on my toes.  A lot of the time I can predict what's going to happen in a movie or book.  There was a little of that in The Dark World, but there was also some things that I never would have expected.  :D   *SPOILER* Oh, the ending... that really got me.  What a way to open up for a sequel!  Or three-quel, I guess.  You'll see when you get there. XD *END SPOILER*
At times I felt that the movie was almost too comical, particularly the final battle.  While the safety of the entire universe was at stake, I found myself laughing my head off at both the dialogue and antics of Thor's friends, as well as his poor hammer Mjolnir, trying to find him in all the confusion.  XD  Still, it was a good battle, and the humor keeps it from getting too scary or depressing.  

The cons: swearing, mostly.  The usual, for MARVEL movies, scattered throughout.  Action-hero violence as well.  One character has a limb forcibly removed, though nothing graphic is shown.  No spurting blood, or anything.  A couple of people are stabbed, and Thor gets beaten up pretty badly, rivaling his encounter with the Hulk in The Avengers.  
Some children may find the the Aether to be frightening, as well as Malekith, the villain, towards the end.  
I would recommend the movie for about 12-13 and up, depending on your standards.  

Overall, I thought it was a great movie.  My absolute favorite character is still Loki, all the way.  I really liked seeing the relationship between he and his mother play out.  But Thor and Jane were great as well, and I did enjoy the new character Ian.  I recommend it for all comic book fans, MARVEL fans, and superhero fans, or even if you just want to enjoy a fun movie.  

Five Stars for this one!

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Rayne Speryll

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P.S.  This scene was hilarious!!  I was reminded of myself, ignoring the chaos of my own house, while quietly reading a book in my room.  XD   It was a great Loki moment.


  1. Awesome! I look forward to seeing it!

  2. I want to see this so much. Unfortunately, I doubt I'll be able to until it comes out on DVD.

    1. That's too bad! I hope you do get to see it soon. It was great. :D

  3. Haha! You stole my thunder, Rayne! I saw it on Sunday, so I have a review of my own in the works. That being said, good review! :) Wasn't the ending crazy? Totally unexpected! And I saw the mid-credits scene, but apparently I missed the post-credits scene. Aargh! Did you see it?

    1. Yeah, the ending was totally crazy! I never EVER expected that!

      Yes, I did see the post credits scene. *SPOILERS* Jane is sitting despondently over her soggy cereal, and her friends are cleaning the kitchen. Then, suddenly, they hear the sound of the bifrost bridge opening, and Thor appears outside the house! Jane runs happily into his arms, and they share a passionate kiss. Meanwhile, somewhere in Greenwich, a Jotun Frost Monster frolics playfully after the birds, causing mass destruction wherever he goes...*END SPOILERS*

      *MORE SPOILERS* Wasn't Loki's death scene so sad? I thought it was really well done. Of course, I knew he couldn't really die... they wouldn't kill him off so soon. ;D
      And that Captain America cameo was awesome. *END SPOILERS*

  4. *grin* Thanks!

    *SPOILERS* I know! It was incredibly well done! And, honestly, I thought he was dead, because I had heard that he wouldn't be in Avengers 2. But he says he will return as Loki, so I'll suppose we'll see. :D Haha! Cap's cameo was amazing. *END SPOILERS*