Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Liebster Award!

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Erin Kenobi has award me with the Liebster Award!


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Her Questions

1.  Why do you blog?  How did you start blogging?
Before I started blogging, I was on a forum for a book series that I read.  I had joined the forum years ago, and that was largely how I became acquainted with the internet itself.  After a year or two of being on that forum, the site encountered some difficulties.  Members found that once they were logged out, they could not log back in.  When we tried to post anything, an error message showed up.  This lasted for several weeks, during which time I decided to set up a blog so that I could still have an outlet for my writing, artwork, and thoughts.

2.  What do you think of every night before you go to sleep?

It depends on what went on that day, though often times I'm thinking of my writings.  I try to dwell on the things of God as well, and spend some time in prayer, but I admit that I am not so diligent in this.

3.  What kind of movies do you dislike?  (And don't just say violent and gory ones, since that's a given- or should be.)

Well, to start with, I don't like any movie with a stupid plot line.  I have a list of "Worst Movies I've Ever Seen", and all of them start with a poor plot.  I don't like movies with excessively heated or sensual scenes.  (Kiss-'n-Gasp scenes, as I call them.)  I don't like a terrible amount of violence or gore.  I don't like anything with oppressive spiritual themes, such as anything involving exorcism, zombies, hauntings, or demonic activities.  I don't like vampires or werewolves.
Also, I'm not terribly fond of those Disney-Chanel sitcoms.  They're just so... I don't know... stupid.  No offense to any of you who watch those shows, I don't hold that against you.  And even though I claim not to be fond of those shows, I admit to having watched Pair of Kings and Lab Rats from time to time.

4.  Do you still keep your imaginary friends around?  (Most writers say yes.)  If so, what are they like?

Yes, I'll admit, I do.  Though they don't visit me nearly so often as they used to.  I'm nearly eighteen, and thus I have to be grounded in the real world more often.  Still, on occasion, I imagine that my dragon friend Mavramorn is perched on my roof, asking if I'd like to go flying in the afternoon.  Sometimes I imagine my characters from my stories appearing at random and conversing with each other.
Recently, I've taken to imagining characters from my favorite movies following me to the various places I go.  For instance, recently I was sitting in an ice cream shop, eating my sundae, when suddenly Thor and Loki walked in, accompanied by Jane, and ordered a treat.  They sat down, and were soon followed by Anakin and Padme.  Seeing the startling resemblance between Padme and Jane, some confusion broke out between the two groups, and I was left snickering in amusement.

5.  Do you have imaginary friends who seem to have lives and minds of their own?  What are their personalities like?

Yes.  I used to have many like that, but since they've dwindled in number, one in particular stands out in my mind.  Surprisingly, I actually don't know his name, but he is an elf ranger from some fantastical land.  He is tall and slender, and his hair is so blond it is nearly white.  I usually meet him when I'm in an area with lots of trees and hills.  He has a busy life warding off evil creatures from his realm, and whatever else his people may do, but we always take the time to visit with one another.  :)

6.  Do you have imaginary friends who sit by you and comment as you write?  What are their names?

Actually, this is one that I don't have.  Usually the only one commenting on my own writing is me.  The two or three voices representing different attitudes that echo in my head.  This sounds silly.  A man of his training would never say that!   No, no, you have it all wrong... he's saying it because he's at the end of his rope... 

7.  Do you have a designated Muse?

No, I can't say that I do.

8.  What outside forces or events have had the greatest impact on your outlook?

I am a follower of Jesus, and so I form my views on the world based on the Bible.  Of course this greatly affects the way I see and write things.  As for events... just minor things that have happened in my life.  People I've known, relationships I've watched, that sort of thing.

9.  Do you have a place or activity that helps you think better?  When, what and where?

I enjoy listening to music, usually alone or with quiet company.  That helps me to think, and inspires me to write.  I like film score, celtic music, Sting's music, and several other genres.

10.  What are your favorite songs to work to?

Currently, they are ....

Girl with A Pearl Earring, by Alexander Desplat, from the soundtrack of the same name...

Mind Heist, by Zack Hemsey

Battle of the Heroes, by John Williams

And Sharptooth and the Great Earthshake, by James Horner

11.  What was the worst attack of plot bunnies you ever had?

I've had plenty of bad plot bunny attacks, but I can't remember any specific ones that were worse than the others.  most of them are questions of logic and practicality in regards to the characters' actions.

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Eleven Random Facts About Me

1.  I actually really enjoy the corny, synthesized 80's music that everyone seems to hate.

2.  I have a knack for discovering annoying new songs.  I'll find one on the internet that sounds fun, then say to my siblings;  "Hey!  Listen to this great song!  You'll love it."  And by the end of the day, we're all tired of singing it.  Examples are...

The Duck Song

Anything by the artist Mindy Gledhill

Masquerade from Phantom of the Opera  (Or really, any song from that show.)

Magic Dance from Labyrinth

'Til I Hear You Sing, from Love Never Dies

3.  I am one-quarter Puertorican.

4.  My favorite character in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves is the Sheriff of Nottingham.

5.  While Sesame Street and the Muppets are fun, my favorite Jim Henson films are The Story Teller, Labyrinth, and Dark Crystal

6.  I would love to own a long black-leather trenchcoat, and I look for them at almost every clothing store.

7.  When I try to think of names for my future children, or my book characters, I always seem to wind up with all the male names ending with 'n'.

8.  I just lost the Game.
(... that one requires an explanation.   Basically, the point of the Game is to forget that you're playing it.  Now that you know about it, you have five minutes to forget about it.  If you remember it anytime afterward, you must announce to everyone that you have lost the Game.  The Game then restarts, and you continue playing for pretty much the rest of your life.)

9.  I could really use a cup of hot cocoa right now.

10.  I feel like watching a musical, or Star Trek (The Original Series, or the new movies- either one would do), or maybe even a little Avengers Assemble.  It's on Netflix now.

11.  I am currently looking at the reflection of my own eyes in my glasses.  I cleaned them too much. 0_0

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My Questions

1.  Why do you blog?  How did you start blogging?

2.  What is your favorite type of singing voice?  Male?  Female?  Alto, Soprano, Tenor, Base?  (Mine is tenor)

3.  How character crushes have you had, and on whom?  (If you're too shy to answer this, I understand.  Instead, explain to us how you feel about elephants in pajamas.)

4.  Which type of animation do you prefer?  Traditional hand-drawn, CGI, or Clamation?

5.  If you and the entire student body of your school (or homeschool group if you're homeschooled) suddenly found themselves transported into a fantasy realm, who would become the leader?  

6.  What role would you take, and why?

7.  Which of these teenagers seems most likely to be a superhero to you?

8.  What superpower would they have?

9.  What would their code name be?

10.  Which one seems most likely to be a super villain, and the hero's arch-nemesis?

11.  What's the villain's power and code name?

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I now nominate...




And if you see this and wish to be nominated, you may do the tag.  :)

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-Rayne Speryll


  1. Great answers, Rayne! Now I have to try and forget the Game... O.O

    I'll try and get my post up soon.

    1. Thanks! And have fun with the Game. ;D

  2. Gah. I'd nicely forgotten the Game . . . then you went and made me lose it. -_-
    Also, I like your answers to the questions about imaginary friends. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who pulls (or pulled) their imaginary friends out of books. (Like you, though, they visit less and less as I get closer to adulthood. Though I still have a bit of time left.)
    Thanks for nominating me!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you liked them. By the way, I was going to ask, where did you learn the Game?

      And you're very welcome for the nomination. :)

    2. On this one forum, I kept seeing posts about how "I just lost the Game" and that sort of thing. So, I looked it up. What about you?

    3. I learned it at International Music Camp. It was a thing there for a while. The entire camp was playing it.

  3. Yay! :-) It's here!
    ;-) Don't worry, I have my own inner devil's advocate too. ;-P

    1. yes! Sorry it took so long for me to get it up. :) It was fun to do!

  4. My sister has a long black-leather trenchcoat....

  5. Tag!

    1. My goodness, why did I never see this comment? *clicks link*

      Hmm, the link seems to be broken. It's telling me that I don't have access to view that page. What was the tag?