Saturday, November 22, 2014

I'm Back! | Fantasy Reflections

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After a much longer absence than I'd intended, I have finally returned, dear readers.  I've missed you, and I'm hoping to be writing more often now.  A lot of stuff has happened while I've been gone, so hopefully we'll have some interesting things to talk about.  How have your lives been?  Anything fun?  Anything bad?  Let me know in the comments.  I'd love to hear from you.  

And now for a post I've been meaning to do for months.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I bring you... Fantasy Reflections!
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 Quite a while ago, I found an interesting question on my friend Hannah's blog, posed to her by one called Gillian Adams.  The question is...

Fantasy Reflections: Identity Theft

This is a very difficult question.  For while all of my most favorite fantasy characters may live in amazing worlds, they live in very harsh times as well.  Take for instance any character from the LOTR universe.  I love each of them, but they either live during the War of the Ring, or during the War of the Jewels, or the Silmarillion.  0_0  Anyone who's read those books knows that it is not a good time to be living in Middle Earth.  

However, after much reflection, I decided that if I were to be anyone from another universe, I would want to be Bilbo Baggins, from The Hobbit (or rather, the female version of him).

  Bilbo Baggins is a respectable young hobbit from a respectable old family in the Shire.  He is a hobbit of simple needs and little ambition.  Most of the time, he is content to stay in his own house or his own yard, bidding a friendly hello to his neighbors as they pass.  But deep down, ever since his childhood, he has held a secret desire for adventure.  Though he'd never let his peers know (and indeed, has grown so used to denying he's almost forgotten it himself), he longs to travel and see the world, and perhaps do some good in it as well.  The tales of the Elven warriors of old and the heroic adventures of his own ancestors have always stirred his heart in a strange but undeniable way.                                                                                                  Like me, Bilbo is polite, classy, but also somewhat reclusive.  He enjoys his time out with his fellow hobbits, but it seems that when the day is done, all he wants is to sink away into his hole and have a nice quiet evening, away from people.  His habits actually seem to closely resemble mine, right down to that evening robe he wears, and his need to have a handkerchief with him at all times.  (My goodness, that was very much me.)  
We are both intelligent, but also clumsy and sometimes bumbling.  We are both writers with a desire to travel and experience some adventure.  

In most situations, Bilbo reacts exactly as I would, or as I'd like to think I would.  Also, he lives in a time in Middle Earth when things aren't so bad.  The world is at peace for the most part.  He makes friends with the elves of Rivendell and Mirkwood, and helps to avoid a battle between the elves and the dwarves that would have been fatal if not for his warning.  
So if I were to be any character from a book, I would be Bilbo, [one of] the bravest little hobbits of them all!  :)

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Other Characters Considered:

(Howl's Moving Castle)

Not chosen: because I couldn't marry Howl, no matter how much I love him.  ;)

(Moonraker's Bride)

Not chosen:  because despite several similarities, Bilbo and I are more alike than Lucy and I.


  1. Nice choice. *nods*
    I think I'd probably want to be Marasi from The Alloy of Law. She's not too different from me, and she's a cool character. Sophie Hatter is a top choice for me as well, as is Dame Imraldera from Tales of Goldstone Wood.
    The thing for me is, most of the characters I'm most similar to (particularly Una of Tales of Goldstone Wood and Cress of The Lunar Chronicles) go through a lot that I wouldn't want to endure. :P

    1. I've never read the Alloy of Law, but even the title of it sounds interesting. :) *mentally adds to her 'list of books to read'*
      That bit about the characters going through more than we're comfortable with is true for me too. Even Bilbo... as fun as his adventures were, I don't know how I'd handle those Mirkwood spiders. Yech! In that instance, I probably would have laid down and died, or waited for the elves to come save me. ;)

  2. Rayne, you're back!!! I've missed you, too. :) Bilbo Baggins, hmm? Not a bad choice, even though that would make you a bit "odd" as you get older. ;)

    I've actually gotten a lot busier in the last few months. One of the things that contributed to that? The retelling of Beauty and the Beast I'm writing for this contest - So, yeah, that's been an adventure. :D How's your writing going?

    1. Heh heh, sometimes a little bit "odd" is okay! ;D

      A retelling of Beauty and the Beast? Sounds great! I love fairy tales. I've always wanted to do a retelling myself. I'd love to read yours when you're finished!
      As for my writing life: I've had frequent bursts of creativity and inspiration... but procrastination remains as big a problem as ever. Darth Writer's Block has fortunately kept his distance, though. I've been typing away at my stories here and there, though I don't have anything fit for posting as of yet. I'm hoping to do some simple fanfiction soon.

    2. *grins*

      Hmm, well, you'll be able to if they accept it for inclusion in the collection! :D

      Inspiration is such a fickle friend... Unfortunately, learning to write despite its absence is difficult!