Saturday, April 25, 2015

Review: Cinderella

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Image result for cinderella 2015The 2015 Cinderella is partly a remake of Disney's Cinderella, partly an adaption of some of the older versions of the tale, and also a new story in its own right.
 The story begins by introducing Ella and her parents.  For the first time that I've seen, we get a lovely glimpse of their family dynamic before Ella's mother passes away.  I was most pleased to see this, since I've always thought that the viewer (or reader) ought to have a chance to see the normal life of the heroine before that life is turned upside down.  
After the death of Ella's mother, she and her father overcome their grief together and carry on with their lives.  Eventually, after Ella is grown up, her father marries a beautiful widow with two daughters.  Unfortunately, shortly afterward, the father passes away suddenly, leaving Ella and her new stepfamily alone to fend for themselves.

Afterward, the story goes on in the usual way.  I'm sure you ALL know the story of Cinderella.  I was very pleased with they way they portrayed the characters.  Though they did not have enough time to delve deeply into each character's lives, they gave us a glimpse of their personalities natures.  No one was left out- even if some of them only got very little screen time.
I enjoyed getting to know Prince Kit and his family.  Those characters are so often neglected n most adaptions.
There were plenty of funny moments throughout, prompting myself and my younger siblings to much giggles.  There were sad moments as well.  I got misty eyed twice during the film- one when Ella's mother died, and the other I shall not tell.

I also enjoyed what they did with Lady Tremaine.  They did not portray her as a 'bad-girl-for-the-evulz' sort of character.  She had believable reasons for her wicked behavior. What I liked was that those reasons  didn't make her any less wicked, they simply provided motive, and an insight to her character.  And of course, Cate Blachette did a wonderful playing her.  :)

This is a good, clean film that is great for the whole family.  I would definitely watch it again, and I know that both my younger siblings and my parents enjoyed it, and that's a huge age range.

Kudos to Disney for getting a remake right!

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-Emmarayn Redding

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