Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cover Reveal and Riddle Solving Contest! The Madman of Elkriahl and Other Fairy Tales

*  *  *

It's here!  I am proud to reveal to you the official cover of The Madman of Elkriahl and Other Fairy Tales!

Isn't it beee-oo-tiful?  XD

I want to give a big thank you to Hannah Williams, who did a wonderful job with this front piece.  Also to my dad, who put together the title text and designed the spine and back cover.  I couldn't have done this without you two! Well done.  

Victory is not far away!  The release date is just around the corner.  But before I announce that, I wish to bring to you a special opportunity... The Riddle Solving Contest!

Those who wish to enter this contest will have the chance to win a free copy of the book as soon as it is released!
The rules are quite simple:

1)  Take a look at the riddle below and do your best to solve it
2)  Post this cover on your blog and tell your friends.  If you have a Facebook page or other social media outlet, I'd love to see it there too!
3)  Email me with your answer to the riddle, your mailing address, and a link to your blog post and wherever else you might have shared the cover.  My address is
4)  The first person to send me the correct answer will receive a free, autographed copy of the book!

And that's that.   ^_^   So without further ado, I give you... The Madman's Riddle.

*  *  *

Silver thread

rarely blue

sometimes red,

always true

See me new

dressed in black

my beauties

hidden from you

See me old

white as wool

when the night

has made me full

*  *  *

Good luck to you!  I look forward to seeing your answers.

-Emmarayn Redding


  1. EEEK! I love the title font! Oh my goodness, I cannot wait to hold a real copy! This is so thrilling, Emmarayn!

    1. I'm so glad you like it! I'm in love with the font too. Just beautiful, and still easy to read. :D

  2. Eep, what a stunning cover!
    D: I really want to enter the riddle contest (I think I know the answer!) but I can't give out my email because it is connected to my school account! The tears are streaming...;).
    Please be sure to post the answer when the competition is over so I can see if I was right though!

    1. Aw, too bad! My sympathies to you. I'll make sure to post the answer to the riddle when I announce the winner.

  3. That's a fun cover (fun riddle too)!

  4. Congratulations on your book, Emmarayn! Very exciting! Of course, I love the cover images! ^_^