Monday, March 11, 2013


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Hello! My first post... how exciting!
Let me start off by introducing myself. I am Rayne Speryll, a self-proclaimed geek and eccentric dreamer, as I have already mentioned in the title of my blog. I am also homeschool student and a Christian, and I seek to honor God in all that I do- and that includes recreational activities. I try to find some way to remember and glorify Him, even when doing such trivial things as this. I cannot say that I always succeed... but, I do try. :)
I am somewhat ignorant when it comes to anything electronic- so you must forgive me for any incorrect terms when it comes to online... gadget... thingy... deals. You know what I mean. When it comes to computers, I have a low vocabulary. In fact, I didn't quite understand what the internet was until about... oh... four years ago, was it?
I know, that's ridiculous.
However, the fact still stands that I am by no means a technical expert. Now you know. ;)

I enjoy reading, writing, watching movies, art, and researching any subject that sparks my interest. I am obsessed with medieval fantasy- especially the Lord of the Rings, and other similar series. In fact, I probably know my Middle Earth history almost better than I do my own country's!
It is a well-known fact in my circles that I am an 'elf-wannabe'- hence the title of this blog, Writing in Rivendell.
As I mentioned in the introduction of the blog, I am a fanfiction writer. However, you will not find me on this is my only outlet for fanfiction.
Much of the fanfiction that I write is character-centered. The characters are my favorite part of a story, and I love to explore the different aspects of their personalities, especially when the only get minor parts in their books/films.

Now you know who I am, and what I intend to do here. I hope you enjoy the blog! Look forward to my next post, which should include a movie review!

Welcome once more,
-Rayne Speryll


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  2. Lord of the Rings is awesome! :)