Sunday, March 24, 2013

No particular subject... ;D

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Hopefully, I haven't unwittingly caused my readers' ultimate destruction by posting that Weeping Angel yesterday...  I guess we'll see!

*Looks around*  Anyone left?  Anyone here? Hello?

*Crickets*  *crickets*  *crickets*

Anyway, today, I've just returned home after spending several days at my grandparents' house.  All day traveling has left little time for blogging, but I thought that I'd take the time to post this update.
One of my friends, (whom I shall call Captain, here), found out that my family and I haven't seen The Amazing Spider Man yet, and promptly rushed into his house to get it for us.  Thus, I hope to watch it soon, and post a review as quickly as I can.  :)  I'm rather excited.  I've seen the original Spider-Man Trilogy, and I enjoyed it very much.  I'm anxious to see this new take on the character.

Alas... that is all I have for today.  I shall sign off, now... WAIT!  I almost forgot!  I found a hilarious picture the other day that asks a valid question about the Legend of Korra series.  It also happens to be about my favorite character, Amon. XD  Enjoy!

(All credit for the image goes to the artist Saperlotte, who can be found and thanked at
no copyright infringement intended. :)

Rayne Speryll


  1. I have no idea how many times I blinked, but if that had been real, I'd be dead right now. Or whatever Weeping Angels do to you. (I've never been quite clear on that.)

    Enjoy The Amazing Spider Man! I've never seen it either, but a friend of mine says it's really good.

    And those pictures are funny. xD

    1. If that had been real, you would have been zapped back into the past, and you would have been forced to live your life before your time. The Weeping Angels would have used the years that you lost to feed themselves. 0_0

      I did enjoy the movie! I'll be posting the review soon. It was very good. :D

  2. If I were one of those Equalist guys... I wouldn't eat a bite. :P

    I blinked several times, so I guess I'm now in the past... ? :P