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Goodbye, My Friend: A Guardians Fanfiction

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DISCLAIMER:  I do not own the rights to The Guardians Series.  The story is written for entertainment purposes only.

WARNING:  Spoilers ahead.  

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Goodbye, My Friend

Framed by the serene darkness of space, Starlighter Polaris was a sight to behold. Her whole body seemed to radiate with a quiet, blue light. Her long, dark hair moved as if she were under water, and her flowing blue robes billowed out around her, gracefully accentuating her tall, slender figure. Her tight black boots hovered a few inches above the deck of the ship. It was her custom to float wherever she went; she could hardly remember the last time she had walked. Such were the ways with most of the other Starlighters. Why walk when they were free of gravity's bonds?
As the airship passed suns, planets, and distant stars, she tried to ignore the dark, heavy feeling in her heart. She told herself that there was nothing to worry about- that the terrifying Fearlings would remain locked behind that prison door forever. With Pitch, herself, and the rest of the commanders of the Golden Age Army taking turns guarding the prison planet, there was simply nothing to worry about.
Of course, that last bit was foolishness, she knew. There was always something to worry about. However, she had meant it in regards to the Fearlings, the dark, ferocious shadow creatures that plagued everything that was good.
Pitch will be fine, she told herself. He's the greatest commander in all of the armies- greater than even yourself. If anyone can keep those monsters imprisoned, he can.
All the same, leaving a mortal in charge of such dark creatures made her uneasy. The Constellations- the council that governed over the galaxy- had elected to accept his proposal, she had been torn. On one hand, she knew that Pitch was an extraordinary man. Strong, stout of heart, and brave, with courage to spare. On the other hand, the Fearlings also possessed great power. They fed on the fear and anxieties of others, using it to make themselves stronger, and to influence people to their will. They hated all light and all goodness, and would stop at nothing to destroy it. No one was entirely immune to their torturous whispers.
All the more reason to put your fear aside. Polaris reminded herself. Especially since we are so near their prison.

Glancing over to where Pitch stood, Polaris turned and approached him. Tall and erect, his hands were clasped gracefully behind his back, and his deep black hair rustled in the solar winds. Not only was he the greatest general the Constellations had ever seen, but he was also her friend. One of her few close friends, which was part of the reasons she was so nervous for his sake.
“Are you ready?” she asked quietly, her clear voice breaking the silence.
Pitch started as if he had been aroused from deep thought.  Pitch turned and gave her a quick smile, the distant sunlight glinting off of his gold and silver eyes.
“What? I'm sorry, Starlighter...” he exclaimed, apologizing for his lack of attention.
Starlighter was his special name for her. Although it was the name of her race, as well as her title, it was a name that she loved, and often preferred to be called.
Starlighter shook her head and smiled reassuringly. “It's alright. I asked if you were ready.”
Pitch nodded. “Yes, I am.”
They stood in silence for a moment. After awhile, Starlighter spoke again.
“I'll be here to take over my shift in two months.”
“I know.”
“Until then, just stand strong and close your ears to Their whispers.”
“I will.”
Starlighter chuckled and shook her head. “I'm sorry. I'm lecturing you like a child.”
“Don't worry. It will be over soon.” Pitch said understandingly. From his breast pocket, he removed a small locket and opened it. Inside was a picture of his daughter Seraphina, smiling winsomely. The young girl looked so much like her father that there could be no doubt of their relationship.
“You'll see her again soon.” Starlighter said, smiling.
“And that day cannot come too soon for me.” Pitch agreed. “She's my source of hope, during all my dark hours of battle and strife.
“It was your devotion to your daughter that showed me your potential. That love inside of you, along with your protective nature is what convinced me to promote you,” Starlighter recalled. “And ever since then, I've been grateful that I did. More than that, I'm glad to have you as a friend, Pitch.”
“And I'm glad to have you as well, Starlighter.” He returned, clasping her hand in comradeship.

Finally, the airship neared the prison planet that was to be Pitch's home for the next two months. The ship could not approach the planet directly; it was up to Pitch now to pilot the small landing boat to the dark structure, and there take up his post as guard.
Starlighter saw him off, but could not help it as the feeling of fear welled up inside once again.
“Remember,” she called, “Even the slightest fear can be used against you. Do not let the Fearlings know your weakness, or you will fall to their influence.”
“I'll remember.” the young general said, smiling as he piloted the boat.
“I'll be back for you!” Starlighter called again.
“And I'll be waiting.” Pitch replied.
Starlighter nodded, and raised her hand in farewell. “Goodbye... my friend.”
And with that, the airship veered off, bearing her far, far, away from her friend... for the last time.

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(DISCLAIMER:  I do not own the images used in this post.  The image of the ship is art from the movie Treasure Planet, and the picture of the locket was done by William Joyce.)

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