Monday, June 24, 2013

The Last Time: A 'Guardians' Fanfiction

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Today's post is a one-shot fanfiction for William Joyce's The Guardians series, focusing on Gerneral Kosmotis (Pitch) Pitchiner and his only daughter.  :)  I hope you enjoy it!

WARNING:  Spoilers for "The Guardians Series"

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own the rights to this series, or the characters within.  I do this in honor of William Joyce and his works, and highly recommend the purchase of his books.
The character Starlighter is my own creation, and is inserted in this piece for entertainment.

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The Last Time

With his hand resting gently on his daughter's shoulder, Pitch approached the airship docks with a heavy heart. Ahead, Starlighter was waiting for him, her long flowing blue coat swaying in the wind.
“Daddy,” Seraphina said, tugging at his hand. “Must you go?”
Her sweet little voice nearly brought tears to his eyes, but he held them back and gave her a reassuring smile.
“Now, my dear,” he said, kneeling down in front of her and taking her shoulders into his hands. “You know that I have a duty to protect the people of this universe.”
“But the War is over.” she protested. “Couldn't you just stay home now?”
Pitch shook his head. “No, Seraphina. Starlighter and I have driven the Fearlings into the depths of the Shadow Meteor, but they won't stay there forever unless someone is there to guard them. That someone is me.”
Seraphina looked down, her beautiful sapphire eyes filling with dears. Tenderly, Pitch drew her into his arms hand hugged her tightly.
“There, there, now. I'll be back in two months! Then I'll be able to stay with you for a good, long time, with no Shadows or Fearlings to frighten you ever again.” He smiled, and cupped her chin in his hand.
“You understand, don't you?”
Seraphina nodded, and gave him a small smile back. “Yes. I think I do. You're very brave, Daddy, staying near those dreadful Fearlings to protect all the little children.”
Pitch chuckled. “Well, I hope so,” he said.
Reaching into his satchel, he pulled out a small parcel. “Here! I've a present for you. Why don't you open it now?”
Seraphina's face lit up, and she took the parcel and opened it gently. As she pulled off the wrapping, a single, beautiful flower was revealed, stretching delicately toward the light. It was a bright, silvery white, which almost glowed against the shadows.
“Oh, Daddy...” she whispered in wonder, “It's beautiful!”
Pitch smiled, watching as the joy spread over her face. “It's a Moon Flower. It will be yours to take care of until I come back. If you water it, care for it, and treat it with love every day, it will grow into a great tee someday. And, when you feel frightened and want to remember me, just close your eyes and breath in the scent, and you'll remember this day.”
“I love you, Daddy.” Seraphina whispered, burying her face in his chest and wrapping her arms around his neck.
Now Pitch couldn't hold back his tears any longer. Closing his eyes, they rolled down his cheeks as he kissed Seraphina's forehead and hugged her. “I love you too, darling.”

Together, they held each other in their embrace for a long time. At last, Starlighter approached reluctantly and stood behind Pitch.
“General Pitchiner...” she said softly, but he didn't answer at first. She reached down and placed her hand on his shoulder. “...Pitch, it's time.”
Pitch looked up and nodded. “Of course.”
He kissed his daughter's face one last time and and picked up his satchel. Seraphina stood up straight and tall to watch her father depart.
Bending down, Starlighter took the little girl's hand and kissed it cheerfully. “Goodbye, Seraphina. Be a good girl, and don't worry- I'll bring your father back very soon. His shift will be over before you know it!”
“I hope so.” Seraphina said bravely. She curtsied, and Starlighter smiled.
“Good,” she replied. With a bow, she strode off toward the airships, and Pitch followed.
As they boarded, he turned and shouted toward his daughter, lifting his arm and waving. “Goodbye, Seraphina! I'll be back!”
Seraphina jumped up and down, waving her hand excitedly, but making sure to keep the Moon Flower safely in her arms.
“Goodbye, Daddy.” she shouted.
Then, as the great airships floated away, she watched as her father, the great General Kozmotis Pitchiner, sailed off to guard the prison of his enemies. Her young heart was filled with love and admiration for him, along with hope that someday, soon, he would return. And when he did, all of her troubles would be over.
After the airship disappeared from her sight, she turned and walked toward where her governess waited for her, and returned to her home.
And that was the last time she saw her father for a long, long time.

* * *

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