Monday, June 17, 2013

Top Five Most Beautiful Animated Scenes

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I've been watching animated movies lately, and I've been reminded of how much I love them.  :)  I've also been remembering all the movies I loved as a child, and revisting them now in my later teen years.  I still love them... but in a different way now.  I read deeper into the stories and emotions of the characters, and admire the talent of the artists who animated the sequences.  As an artist myself, I can appreciate their hard work all the more.  
And let's not forget the music!  The music is half of the movie.  It adds such depth to the scenes, and beautifully illustrates the emotions behind them.

The following is a list of my top favorites scenes from animated films.  Good movies are a gift from God, and something that we can enjoy together and praise Him for.  :)  

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#1:  Beauty and the Beast- the Transformation scene

#2:  The Prince of Egypt- the Burning Bush

#3:  Prince of Egypt- The Parting of the Red Sea

#4:  Rise of the Guardians- Opening

#5:  WALL-E- Define Dancing

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Rayne Speryll

(Disclaimer:  I do not own these scenes in any way.  All credit for the scenes above goes to the creators, artists, and copyright owners.  No copyright infringement intended.)

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