Monday, May 25, 2015

Reversal of the Heart- A Beautiful Fairy Tale

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Hello, my readers!
I recently came across this lovely short film by Fiddle Griff Animation, and was immediately drawn in by the story.  It is sad, sweet, enchanting, exciting, and romantic all at once.  I loved it so much I just wanted to share it with you here.

To the artists behind this work of art:  I applaud you!  This is absolutely lovely, perfect as it is.  I think it even has potential to be a full length movie, or even a novel.  You've done a wonderful job, and I hope you keep going with your career.

*  *  *

(Just a Warning:  There is some blood shown in this animation. Nothing terribly gory- and it is very brief.  Also the events that set the story in motion are sad, and may be upsetting to young children.)

*  *  *

I hope you enjoyed this film.  Let me know what you think in the comments, and maybe we can hype about it together!  :)

-Emmarayn Redding


  1. That is a sad story...but it's very well done. I loved the irony. Though that frog thing gave me the willies.

    1. It is kind of creepy... but also cute. :) That smile it gets when it's chasing the fly!

      I think my favorite character was the wizard boy. I don't know what the character's names are meant to be, but for myself I have decided to call the prince Agravaine, the princess Lavinia, and the wizard Rowan. As for the frog thing, I think I would name it Creeper, or Hat-Hopper.