Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Weekly What If: Star Wars!

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This week's "What If" involves a couple of questions regarding the Star Wars universe.

1.  What if Anakin had told Obi Wan that he and Padme were married?

Image result for Anakin and Obi Wan talkingI think that Obi Wan would have at first been shocked that Anakin would do something to jeopardize his position as a Jedi Knight, but that he would have aided him out of friendship.  He could have helped them escape to a nice place where  they could live in peace and raise their children together.  Either that, or he would have convinced Anakin to go to the council and confess his actions, resulting in his suspension or expulsion from the Order.  Either way, it would have prevented his turn to the Dark Side- or at least delayed it.

2.  What if instead of being sent to live on Tatooine, Luke had been sent to Padme's side of the family and grown up on Naboo?

Image result for star wars nabooFirst of all, he probably would have had a very different personality.  As revealed by the prequels, Padme's family had a high status on Naboo and were involved in politics.  Luke may well have been more like Leia- sophisticated, diplomatic, and politically inclined.  He probably still would have wanted to join the rebellion.  Indeed, he may have met Leia much sooner through involvement with the rebellion.
Of course, Star Wars as we know it would not likely have happened if he had not lived on Tatooine.  

3.  What if Padme had lived?

Naturally she would have become part of the resistance, alongside Bail Organa and Obi Wan.  Perhaps she would even have led the efforts, and raised Luke and Leia away from the action, forever shielding them from knowledge of their father's history.  Of course, her presence could not remain hidden for long... and it would only be a matter of time before Anakin/Vader began suspecting that his beloved wife is not lost after all.

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What are your thoughts on these issues?  I'm sure there are hundreds of ways for each of these scenarios to unfold.

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-Emmarayn Redding


  1. I wish the first or third had happened- the second I'm glad didn't.
    . . . And now I want to write an AU fanfic based on the third.

  2. 4. What if Mace Windu had killed Palpatine in his office?

    Would it have really made any difference? I haven't watched E3, but from what I've heard Palpatine used that event to show that the Jedi were traitors to the Republic and commanded the execution of Order 66. I think the Kaminoans knew about Order 66 as well. Either way, the Jedi attack on Palpatine would have thrown the galaxy into chaos.

    1. Yes, I considered adding that one as well! I forgot about it by the time I actually wrote the post. That's a good question.
      I have a feeling that the Republic would still have fallen apart, even if Palpatine had been killed. He had already gotten all his plans in line, and his generals were only waiting for their orders. To remove Palpatine would be like (pardon the extreme expression) cutting the head off of a chicken. The whole populace would have flown into convulsions from the shock. It would have been all out war in a very different way.

  3. My things WOULD have been different!