Monday, July 6, 2015

In Memory of James Horner

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On June 22, my favorite composer, James Horner, died in a plane crash.  Having been a lover of his music since I was a very young child, I was much grieved by this news- and even more so because of its sudden and tragic nature.
As musician and songwriter myself, I often found that my limited knowledge in composing hindered the full realization of the music I heard in my heart.  But when I listened to James Horner's beautiful music, it was as though I were hearing the songs I could never write, but desperately wanted to experience.  It was he who was the greatest influence on my writing style today, and I will cherish his work for the rest of my life. I thank God for blessing him with such talent, and though I don't know where Mr. Horner stood concerning God, I pray that someday we'll get to meet in Heaven.

To those who knew him personally, I send my deepest sympathies.  My heart goes out to you, as I know what it is to lose a loved one and a friend.

And now,  I would like to share with my readers some of my favorite works of James Horner.

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Whispering Winds, from the Land Before Time

The Princess Pleads for Wallace's Live, from Braveheart

Dreams to Dream, from Fievel Goes West

A Kaleidescope of Mathematics

Somewhere Out There, from An American Tale

Main Title, from Braveheart

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Emmarayn Redding

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  1. That's tragic, I'm sorry to hear that. Thanks for posting his music, I enjoyed it.

    1. I'm very glad you did, Blue. :) Thanks for coming by to listen to it.